About LEAD

CARE Nepal’s LEAD program places women and girl’s empowerment at the core of its programming. It focuses on intergenerational dialogue, psychosocial support, advocacy for policy reforms and building skills and educational opportunities for 10-16 year old adolescent girls. In the year 2017, CARE Nepal reached over 28,668 beneficiaries through it’s the various initiatives under this program. Out of this figure, 18,930 women and girls benefitted from the initiatives while 9,738 men and boys were engaged in various activities to ensure their optimum support and to help create an enabling environment for empowering women and girls. Through LEAD’s Haushala initiative, CARE has helped school drop-out adolescent girls and girls from marginalized and vulnerable communities who have never been to school with opportunities to pursue their education. Initiatives such as ‘Aba Mero Palo’ enabled adolescent girls and their communities to practice positive social norms and behaviors which in turn helped prevent child marriage and ensured empowerment of girls to make more informed choices about their future.



Individuals were reached by CARE Nepal through this program in 2018.


Lead Program Initiative:

Tipping Point: The Tipping Point Project is multi country project which works with adolescent girls and boys, parents, community and religious leaders, and nationally with networks of social activists, experts, and government agencies. In Nepal, the project is working in 36 villages in the Kapilvastu and Rupandehi Districts of the Terai region which borders India.

Haushala: The project ensures that adolescent girls in Nepal have better life opportunities by building their capabilities to pursue opportunities and realize their aspirations. It works with girls from vulnerable and marginalized communities who have dropped out after early grades or have never been to school.

Maitri (Regional project of CARE India and CARE Nepal): Maitri project (2016-2018) was a regional project of CARE India and CARE Nepal. The project worked towards ensuring that Dalit and marginalized school going girls in selected regions of India and Nepal have access to safe and secure education that enables them to develop necessary skills for improved life opportunities.