Tulasa Danuwar is originally from Sindhuli district. 18 year ago, after her home and land were washed away by a flood, her family moved to Hetauda where they worked as street vendors for 4 years. After saving some money they moved to Kathmandu and started selling clothes in the streets of Sundhara. But 6 years ago a car went out of control and hit Tulasa while she was working and left her with a broken foot.

Harassment at Workplace

One day, Adiya had to take an emergency leave due to her mother’s health. The next day the supervisor verbally abused and scolded Adiya in front of all other staff. This humiliation led Adiya to gather courage and complain to the manager about the abuse she had been facing from her supervisor. Initially supportive, the manager’s decision to fire her shocked Adiya.

Improving Civil Society Governance

The document aims to share progresses on institutional governance of civil society organizations in Nepal using a dialogue tool named Representation and Inclusion, Legitimacy, Transparency and Synergy (RILTAS). The document shows application of RILTAS in terms of setting benchmarks of their internal governance status and to conduct discussions around the set progress markers to improve it.

Sustainable Action for Resilience and Food Security

Sustainable Action for Resilience and Food Security (Sabal) is a five year consortium project funded by USAID. It is a multi-sector project designed to address the root causes of poverty by strengthening and diversifying livelihoods; improving health and nutritional status of women, children and adolescent girls.