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ASHA: The Hope
A DFID funded community Support Program

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About ASHA Program

ASHA programme was initially designed for Achham district of Nepal. Accessing Services for Households in Achham originates the name ASHA. ASHA means hope in Nepali and is based on the Community Support Strategy (CSS) . The main aim of this programme is to provide immediate benefits to the poor and excluded people by accessing the basic services in the rural area. The emphasis is given to involve the local people in socio-economic development activities. ASHA creates temporary employments to the people who receive wages in return as an immediate support. In some cases they are also involved as volunteers so that they become more responsible to the activities they involve in. Because of some unavoidable reason this programme was shifted from Achham to Bajura, Bajhang, Doti and Gorkha districts. This first phase scheduled from January 2003 to March 2004 with an extension of a month to complete the impact assessment which was latter used as supportive document for extension of the programme. The positive results in the same encouraged the donor DFID to continue ASHA.

The geographical condition of this area is taken as one of the major concerns to continue it. The programme is known as the Community Support Programme (CSP) and CARE recognizes this as ASHA programme. Five more districts Dadledhura, Darchula, Pyuthan, Kalikot and Achham are also included in this programme. The extended phase started in September 2004 and was scheduled to complete in July 2007. DFID has 1st time extended the program period up to December 2008 and than after extended up to December 2009. DFID has taken a lead to develop an integrated log frame for whole CSP involving all three implementing agencies- CARE, RRN and DFID itself.

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