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Project Outcome

Water and Sanitation Programme implemented in the program areas of Baitadi and Darchula between the years 2006 - 2007, has been targeted at the conflict affected poor, vulnerable and socially excluded communities. The programme reached out to the corners of far west Nepal and also catered to the needs of people in areas where no prior development initiatives had been introduced.

The main contribution of WATSAN has been in the areas of providing safe water and improved sanitation facilities to the vulnerable communities. However, in fulfilling its primary purpose, the program also contributed to areas of governance, gender, accountability, leadership and thereby played a significant role in the empowerment of the communities and in introducing innovative patterns of development practices in the districts. In all this, the program has been able to groom and develop accountable, competent and committed (to the cause of development) local partner organizations in both the districts.

Budget: EURO 410,000
Timeframe: 12 months
Coverage: 7 VDCs in Baitadi and 4 VDCs in Darchula


   Concept: Aparajita Acharya | Design: Advark