Key Achievements

Challanges and Gaps

    • Frequent bandhs, blockades and other incidents greatly affected staff movement to different parts of the project districts. Similarly, the situation hindered mass gathering and community level training.

    • UJYALO program, due to it’s short duration, could not focus more on post conflict peacebulding e.g reconciliation, reintegration, transitional justice.

    • Materials specifically on reconciliation and reintegration need to be added to the existing Peace Building Manuals that already exist.

    • Specific training will be required for ex-combatants to help them reflect on their experience and reintegrate into their communities but UJYALO project could not do much on this. This could complemented by the trainings given to groups in the communities, so both communities and ex-combatants have a similar understanding of reconciliation and reintegration processes.

    • The proper and effective mobilization of LRPs to facilitate overall peace process is a challenge for the project.

    • Community people are demanding information related to concerns around reconstruction, rehabilitation, reintegration and reconciliation, and provisions for their districts in the post conflict.

    • There is a large demand in local communities to know more about the constituent assembly. They have heard of it, but do not understand very much about it.

    • Influencing the political parties about the issues and concerns raised by community people regarding constituent assembly.

    • To link the issues from PPCs to the district and national level to influence policy makers.