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CARE provides medical supplies in Rupandehi

CARE Nepal with support from Siddhartha Community Society (Siddhartha Saamudaayik Samaaj) handed over medical supplies such as PPE, IR Thermometer, KN95 masks, surgical gloves, hand sanitizers, gloves, disposable caps and disposable masks to head of Rurual Municipality of Lumbini Cultural Municipality in Rupandehi district.CARE Nepal is working closely with local government and partners to prevent and combat #COVID19

CARE provides medical supplies in Bardiya

Mayors of Rajapur and Thakurbaba municipalities received medical supplies from the hands of Chief District Officer (CDO) of Bardiya district. CARE Nepal provided these medical equipment working jointly with local partners and local authorities to combat #COVID19

CARE supports essential health supplies to combat COVID19

CARE Nepal worked together with Partner NGOs and local government of the communities we work with to deliver and support essential equipments such as PPE, IR Thermometer, Surgical Mask, KN95 Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Disposable Gloves to the hub hospitals and local health facilities in Kapilvastu, Rupandehi, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Kanchanpur districts to combat #covid19 .

Essential supplies to western Terai

CARE Nepal is supporting essential supplies to western Terai to prevent and fight Covid19. CARE Nepal is working with all its partners and local government closely to provide the support and awareness during this pandemic. We are thankful to WFP (World Food Programme) for the logistics support to deliver these materials to the respective areas.

Support to quarantine center

CARE Nepal supported Siranchowk Rural Municpality with essential quarantine kits for the management of quarantine center in Janubari Primary Health Care in Siranchowk, Gorkha. We are working closely with the local government to prevent and combat Covid-19.

Association of International NGOs in Nepal hands over medical assistance package worth 45.3 million rupees to Ministry of Health and Population

The Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN) in coordination with the Ministry of Women, Children and Senior Citizen (MoWCSC), and in collaboration with Social Welfare Council (SWC) has handed over medical assistance package in bulk to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), in order to combat the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The assistance worth 45.3 million Nepalese rupees is part of a joint procurement initiation led by AIN where 16 organizations participated.

Earlier last month, AIN had called its members to contribute to the joint procurement initiative. To this call, 15 INGOs namely: ActionAid, ADRA Nepal, CARE Nepal, FAIRMED, Good Neighbors International Nepal, INF Nepal, Ipas Nepal, Lutheran World Federation, MountainChild, OneWorld Health, Oxfam, Plan International, Practical Action, UMN, WaterAid along with a NGO Nyaya Health Nepal, had responded with financial contributions. The medical assistance package include: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) sets; safe delivery kits; infrared thermometers; water and air-proof aprons; surgical sterile globes and utility globes; KN95 masks and surgical masks; surgical goggles, among other medical, sanitization and disinfectant items, to cater mainly the medial workers in frontline response. Apart from this joint assistance to the MoHP, the latest AIN survey suggests that 65 AIN members out of 129 under the umbrella are actively engaged in COVID-19 preparedness and response. So far, at least 2 billion Nepalese rupees have been directed to prevent, contain and combat COVID-19 as well as to support livelihood and build economic resilience. Overall INGOs’ contribution is being assessed by AIN through a survey and the survey results will be made public soon.

The handover took place at MoHP premise today, where the Hon’ble Minister for MoWCSC Parbat Gurung accompanied by Officiating Member Secretary of SWC Shiva Kumar Basnet and AIN chair Achyut Kumar Luitel handed over the assistance to the Hon’ble Minister for MoHP Bhanubhakta Dhakal. The program was organized thoroughly abiding by the social distancing measures based on WHO and GoN guidelines and had participation of key government delegates, AIN members, and press. During the program, Hon’ble Minister Gurung said, “the ministry would like to thank AIN for the ongoing collective effort and timely distribution of relief in order to support COVID-19 response. We are committed towards smooth and effective coordination with the non-profit sector in combating coronavirus pandemic while making the environment conducive for the sector to function. Meanwhile Hon’ble Minister Dhakal thanked AIN for the initiative and made remarks that, “INGOs and NGOs’ support at such grave time of crisis when procurement is particularly a challenge – is extremely appreciated. I request all organizations to coordinate with ministry for material supply across districts and provinces to avoid duplication and overstocking.” Similarly AIN Chair Luitel expressed, “this is high time for the government, development partners and civil society stand together strongly working shoulder to shoulder in order to prevent, contain and combat COVID-19 as well as to support long term recovery and resilience building of the nation.” Similarly AIN Vice chair Lora Wuennenberg acknowledged MoWCSC, SWC and MoHP for support provided to the sector at such a difficult time as well requested for continuous support in the future as well.

Home quarantine kits to 81 households

CARE Nepal in coordination with local government and local partner National Farmers Group Federation of Nepal distributed relief items and home quarantine kits to 81 households in Bhagwanpur Rural Municipality-5, Siraha district to combat and contain the risk of Covid19.

CARE Nepal provides relief to victims of fire mishap

CARE Nepal along with its partner Siddhartha Social Development Center, supported the victims of fire mishap in Gugauli village, located in Bijayanagar Rural Municipality Ward no. 1, Kapilvastu district by providing emergency relief package . The victims rendered homeless were provided with immediate major requirements; food, equipment for emergency shelter and drinking water. The materials provided were; blankets, kitchen kits, hygiene kits and cooking utensils.

CARE Nepal distributes home quarantine kits in Province no 2

CARE Nepal along with its partner National Farmer’s Group Federation (NFGF) distributed home quarantine kits to 54 households in Lalpur Mushar tole of Bhagwanpur Rural Municipality (RM) in Siraha (Province 2). This distribution was done in the presence of chairman of Bhagwanpur RM, respective ward chairman, in-charge of Armed Police Force, in-charge of public police and NFGF representatives.

Fifth National Summit of the Health and Population Scientists in Nepal

On the occasion of Fifth National Summit of the Health and Population Scientists in Nepal, organized by the Nepal Health Research Council (NHRC) in Kathmandu in second week of April, 2019, CARE Nepal was invited to present on a social accountability tool called Self- Applied Technique for Quality Health (SATH).

Mr. Santa Dangol, Program Manager, NURTURE presented a paper on: Self Applied Technique of Quality Health (SATH) tool: Advocacy for improved maternal health services in Nepal. The focus of the presentation was introducing the tool, it applications in Health Mothers’ Group (HMG) meetings and highlighting the impact of this tool in regards to positively influencing the health service utilization of the group.

The tool has been used in more than 2,358 mothers’ groups in 44 districts of Nepal.

SATH is a social mapping tool that enables health mothers groups (HMG) to map the population out of reach with the maternal health services, identify and assess community health challenges, focusing on maternal and child health, seek resources as a preparedness to minimize the potential risk for maternal and neonatal health, and advocate for access and quality improvement for the available services.

The conference was attended by policy makers, Government officials, development professional, academician, students of public health.

Click here to watch a video on the use of SATH tool.

Third Triennial National Midwifery Conference

CARE Nepal was invited to present at the Third Triennial National Midwifery Conference organized on the first week of May by Midwifery Society of Nepal (MIDSON) in collaboration of Ministry of Health and Population at Radisson Hotel, Kathmandu.

Mr. Santa Dangol, Program Manager, NURTURE presented a paper on: Improving maternal health Services through social accountability; Experience and evidence from using community health scoreboard. The focus of the presentation was introducing a tool called Community Health Score Board (CHSB) and highlighting the impact of this tool post implementation. CARE Nepal has been using for several years to improve health governance and impact health outcomes specially maternal and neonatal indicators at local level.

The Community Health Score Board (CHSB) is a participatory tool for assessment, planning, monitoring and evaluation of services provided by health facilities. The CHSB brings together the demand side (“service user”) and the supply side (“service provider”) of a particular health facility to jointly analyze issues and problems of service delivery and find a common and shared way forward to address them.

The main goal of the CHSB is to positively influence the quality, efficiency and accountability with which health services are provided. It is done through a participatory process engaging service users and service providers.

The conference was attended by policy makers, Government officials, development experts, academician, students of public health, nursing and representative of midwifery association of different countries.

CARE’s officials killed in a bomb explosion in Kabul

It is with deep sadness that CARE confirms the deaths of three of our colleagues killed in a bomb explosion in Kabul on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. CARE Afghanistan’s security watchman, Safiullah Ebadi, our driver, Mohammed Waqif, and one of our education technical advisors, Mohammed Asif Fortan, all tragically lost their lives in a bomb attack on a neighboring office, which affected our own compound. This attack reflects the increasing dangers of humanitarian work in conflict-affected countries such as Afghanistan and the unfortunate daily reality of violence for man Afghan families. As we mourn the loss of our brave and hard working colleagues, CARE is providing all necessary support to their family and friends.

CARE provides training on Basic Data Analysis and Report Writing

CARE Nepal organised two-days training on Basic Data Analysis and Report Writing in Kathmandu on March 25 and 25, 2019.

The main objective of the training was to impart knowledge, information and skills relating to data analysis and report writing to the staffs of NWC, NHRCH, TPO Nepal, Saathi, CWIN, FWLD.

The key objectives of this training were:

• To provide the basic M&E knowledge and data analysis training
• To be familiar with data analysis technique
• To provide the proper formatting of report writing
• To create a proper formal report writing

Anil Kumar Thakur, Secretary of National Women Commission of Nepal shared, “We all need to learn how better to prepare our reports. Reports should be more than just the documents and texts. This training has facilitated our team with better understanding of data analysis and report writing. We look forward to more of such opportunities around training and collaboration with CARE Nepal in near future.”

Likewise, Lora Wuennenberg, Country Director of CARE Nepal said, “Use your report to celebrate your work. Know your audience before you start to prepare your report. Make it more visual and use right data.”

CARE Nepal celebrates International Women’s Day

CARE Nepal celebrated International Women’s day at its central office Kathmandu and district offices across Nepal.

Staff of CARE Nepal across all its operations in Nepal participated to celebrate the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day – #BalanceforBetter.

CARE Nepal’s employees took part in a poster-making competition to highlight the aforementioned theme. This competition exhibited wide range of understanding the issues around gender dynamics, the challenges of equality and equity, CARE Nepal’s approach to strike balance for better, on poverty, women and conflict, women empowerment and employment, roles and responsibilities and on CARE Nepal’s commitment to #BalanceforBetter.

The posters were showcased for gallery walk, observation and voting, after which the winners of the competition were declared and feted.

In addition, Country Director of CARE Nepal, Lora Wuennenberg felicitated staff of CARE Nepal who has been contributing their service to the institution for five or above years.

The celebration concluded with the male staff of the organization organizing a potluck for female colleagues and by gifting each of a small note to thank them for their contribution and inspiration to CARE’s mission.

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