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Project Outcome

Ensuring Women’s Representation:

In all drinking water users' committees, project put in efforts to ensure a 50 % representation of women in the least. In a scheme in Danseli -Baitadi, the users' committee thus formed had a 100% women's representation.

44 hygiene promotion groups (19 in Darchula and 25 in Baitadi) were formed in the duration. The high representation of women in hygiene promotion committee has also been due to the fact that in the far-western culture, women are considered responsible for all household work. To bring about a change in that perspective would require different kinds of awareness programmes from various sectors. For this project however, to bring about an immediate change in the hygiene perspective, the project felt compelled to go through women. The significant change this approach resulted in would have been minimal if the project had not gone through them.

However, having women's leading role in hygiene promotion committees has not only ensured better sanitation practices, but also provided them with opportunities at developing knowledge on health and hygiene and in developing leadership skills while advocating on health and hygiene in their communities.

The project was able to maintain a 51 % of women’s representation throughout all group structures (not only hygiene groups) of drinking water supply systems. Also for cash withdrawal from the user committee’s bank account, the signature of at least one female committee member was made mandatory and brought to practice. This strategy raised confidence among women, made them more vocal and also played a role in raising social respect for them in these remote communities.

   Concept: Aparajita Acharya | Design: Advark