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Project Outcome

Capacity Building and Beneficiaries:

The program beneficiaries have been empowered through various initiatives. The BCMT plumber’s training for 2 persons from each Drinking Water Supply scheme and the Sanitation Leaders’ Workshop for the beneficiaries in both program districts have brought about effective results. System management trainings as well as refresher trainings for the sanitation leaders in both the districts added to the effectiveness of their skills.

During the time of procurement of the construction materials, the vendor’s selection process played a role in adding on to improving the management capacities of the users. For the process, a committee was formed among the beneficiaries in both districts for material procurement. In addition, an executive working committee (Drinking Water System’s Users’ Committee) has been formed in each scheme, which is responsible for the execution and overall management of the program activities.  A bank account of each DWSUC had been opened with the recommendation from the concerned partner organization.  Each DWSUC played a decisive role regarding the fund management for their scheme. With the completion of project activities, the users' committees have not dissolved but instead remain committed to act responsible for management of the water systems as and when required. From every household, the committee has also been collecting Rs. 5 in Baitadi and Rs. 10 in Darchula on a monthly basis as water tariff necessary for the maintenance of the systems.

Therefore, the program has emphasized on empowering the beneficiaries through a lot of practical and managerial knowledge to come together and start new initiatives in their areas.

   Concept: Aparajita Acharya | Design: Advark