Health related orientation and planning at local level: Reference Document

The document is prepared by the National Health Training Center (NHTC), a government agency responsible for overseeing all health training activities at the all levels, with the technical assistance of CARE Nepal. The document was drafted following consultation with local government representatives and referring to all the relevant administrative, technical and procurement related document of Government of Nepal. The documents aims to facilitate the local government in health program planning.

Organized vegetable farming in kitchen garden

Cultivating seasonal and non-seasonal vegetable in accordance to the nature of the soil to provide sufficient foods and nutrition to the whole family is possible through organized vegetable farming in kitchen gardens. Download to read more about this.

Local and indigenous crops

In mountainous and hilly places such as Bajura and Mugu, nutrition from local and indigenous crops are highly important. These ingenious vegetation are rich in protein, carbohydrate, minerals, and other vitamins. Download the document to find more about these crops and their reason behind the slow extinction.

Community Health Score Board (CHSB)

A tool which quantifies prominent health issues in a community setting based on a set of indicators, which are scored triangulating the health facility service utilization and opinion and feedback of service seekers and management committee alike.