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Project Name: Sakcham III

Project Goal :

  To Contribute towards Gender Equality for equitable and just society

Working Districts :

  Makawanpur, Chitwan and Kapilbastu

Impact Population :

  Poor Vulnerable Socially Excluded (PVSE) women from lowest strata of Dalit, endangered & highly marginalized Janajatis, poor, single women, migrant women workers and those living in poverty pockets such as disaster prone areas excluded from development process and opportunities with poor access to basic services and resources.

Implementing Partners :

  • Dalit Social Development Center, (DSDC), Kapilbastu
  • Kalika Community Women's Development Center, (KCWDC), Chitwan
  • Rural Women's Service Centre (RWSC) Makwanpur

Project Period :

  January 2013-December 2015

Donor :

  Austria Development Cooperation

SAKCHAM III seeks to strengthen and build the capacity of women-led cooperatives in collaboration with government offices, initiate ‘Gender Violence Free’ VDCs and women empowerment strategies in collaboration with government (DDC, WCO, VDC. It also mobilizes men campaigners and supportive men as change agents for gender equality.Last year, the project established 16 women agriculture cooperatives in the project area where cooperatives were implementing economic and social activities in collaboration with the Women and Children’s Office and District Cooperative Division. The project also assisted in including PVSE women into decision making positions (for eg: into School Management Committee, VDC planning committee, Local Peace Committee). Through the project, 1020 men campaigners played a crucial role for advancing women empowerment and gender equality in their community.

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