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ARMU Regional Director's visit to CARE Nepal

Debriefing by Dr. Mohammad Musa to CARE Nepal Staff, 09/08/09

Dr. Mohammad Musa, Regional Director, Asia Regional Management Unit met staff of CARE Nepal Country/Project Office to share some significant global issues and ideas of CARE. He began his speech by discussing the financial crisis of FY 09 that adversely affected all non profit organizations including CARE. CARE office in Atlanta alone had to release 70 of its staff due to its limited resources. To top it all, the audit report was also not in favor of the organization due to which CARE lost its privilege to certify itself. Due to which, CARE Nepal alone returned half of its financial resources that was given to it at the beginning of last year. Fortunately, CARE managed to fulfill its requirement and is gradually bouncing back with more vigor and zeal to work towards the ones that are most needy: women and girls.

Dr. Musa also lauded the work of CARE Nepal, even in difficult times. It not only raised its funding base, but also diversified its funding and portfolio, and directed 33 percent of its funds on empowerment of girls and women, which is the core business of CARE. Noting that the current state of global and local uncertainties are swirling the development activities , Dr Musa said that this new landscape has created new opportunities for development workers to deliver their commitment to the grassroots and the community level, and as for CARE Nepal to meet its vision and mission.

CARE is eager to make dramatic changes in its presence and process in the days to come. This is more technically termed as Global Direction of CARE. To achieve the global vision, CARE has set nine priorities/actions. Recent regional meeting of country representatives in Bangkok selected five priorities, from these nine, to be adhered to at country and regional level. These are:

  1. Improving Program Quality: CARE programs will focus on marginalized section of the society on a long term perspective.
  2. Signature Programs: CARE will focus on programs that help it to consolidate its global image. For example, programs on safer motherhood
  3. Impact: CARE will develop and functionalize an effective impact measurement system in which the program quality and signature programs fulfill the needs of one another and are effectively measured.
  4. Compliance: CARE will ensure that everyone in CARE (program/support staff) meticulously follows the set standards.
  5. Talent Development: CARE will invest on its human resources so that they become good leaders in all fields.

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