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Key Policy Message Development for Joint Advocacy on Gender Responsive Budget and Women Empowerment

Sankalpa Project, “Collaborative Commitment for Participatory and Gender Responsive Budget”- aims to equally benefit women and DAGs (Disadvantaged Groups) through participatory and gender responsive budget allocation in the local level. The project focuses to empower women socially and economically by increasing their participation in the local planning process and addressing their priorities in VDC planning and budget allocat  ion to direct benefits. In this regard, Sankalpa implementing partners, Social Awareness Center Nepal, Surkhet and Kalika Development Center Nepal, organized a two day Key Policy Message Development Workshop in Surkhet and Pyuthan Districts. The workshop was attended by 92 participants (49 women and 43 men) from local government, local authorities - Integrated Planning Committee (IPC), Ward Citizen Forum (WCF), Citizen Awareness Center (CAC), Women Network (WN), CSOs, CARE Nepal, SCF, MSFP, Municipality Office and Journalists.

The major objectives of the workshop were as follows:

  • To identify three major issues in the district level, prioritize one and develop key policy massages for joint advocacy.
  • To produce declaration paper on prioritized issue and key policy messages with signature of entire participants.
  • To prepare action-plan by participants for mainstreaming GRB and GESI and its implementation in government and non government organizations.

Based on the voting scoreboard Gender Based Violence was identified as the major issue in both the districts. To address this major issue, 10-15 key policy messages were developed.  A five person’s committee was formed to monitor and assess the progress regularly which included (WCDO, Social Development Officer, District Governance Expert, DDC, NGO Federation, District Federation of Journalist, VDC Secretary and KDC as Secretariat) in Pyuthan and (WCDO, Social Development Officer, DDC, District Federation of Journalist, Women Network and SAC as Secretariat) in Surkhet.  

The workshop was concluded identifying Gender Based Violence as the major issue and the declaration of key messages. The participants thought the workshop was fruitful and effective.  Gajaraj Bayak, IPC member, Gutu, VDC, Surkhet said, “ Sankalpa project has enhanced capacity of IPC members (women and men) to perform effectively in the local planning process and GRB implementation. Commitments made by the participants in this workshop will support to reduce the issues of women and DAGs.”

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