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CARE Nepal organises All Women Scooty Rally

Scooters in Nepal are recognized as one of the convenient and popular means of transportation used by most women. They imply independence and mobility which is the key to empowerment. Acknowledging this fact, CARE Nepal had organized “All Women’s Scooter Rally” to mark the 102nd International Women’s Day. The first of its kind, over 200 women participated in this event that took place in the heart of the capital. The rally covered a distance of 30 Km, circling the key areas of the city. The participants included former and current beauty queens, activists, singers, corporate professionals, students, actresses and young women leaders from different walks of life. It was quite a sight for the passerby’s to see a group of 200 women whirl in their scooters chanting slogans on women’s empowerment .These bikers wore t-shirts with CARE logo along with the “I am Powerful” slogan. The pillion riders carried placards and banners with social messages. The rally concluded with women shouting out slogans on “girl power”. A musical show by an all women’s fusion band and a popular female rock star of Nepal was also organized after the rally. These rock stars also talked about women’s issues in between their performances. Over 400 people had gathered to watch the concert that was organized at one of the key heritage sites of Kathmandu-the Basantapur Darbar Square. The rally and concert were successful in spreading the message of International Women’s Day. Participants said that this event was a breakthrough from the usual stereotypes and such events should be organized every year.

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